• French 7 (7th grade)

    This course introduces seventh-grade students to basic French vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Emphasis is placed on all aspects of the language- speaking, listening, reading, and writing- with a long-term goal of succeeding at the Regional Proficiency Exam at the end of 8th grade.


    French I (8th grade)

    This course continues towards the goal of passing the Regional Proficiency Exam in French, which is given during Regents Week in June. Successful completion of the exam results in the student receiving one high school-level credit in a foreign language, which is required for graduation. Students will continue to gain knowledge in vocabulary, grammar, and culture, which will help them speak, read, write, and understand French.


    French II (9th grade)

    French II begins to introduce the student to more advanced grammar and vocabulary. Students will continue to speak, read, write, and understand French, with the long-term goal of succeeding at the Regional Comprehensive Exam in French at the end of 10th grade (French III).


    French III (10th grade)

    The ultimate goal of French III is to pass the Regional Comprehensive Exam in French at the end of the year. To this end, we will the review the past tenses, future, and conditional, plus learn the subjunctive. Vocabulary acquisition will also be important, and writing skills will be strengthened. We will practice past Regents Exams in an attempt to be completely prepared for the test. Class participation, as always, will be an important aspect of the course.


    French IV (11th grade)

    This elective aims to advance the student's knowledge of French through several activities: a great deal of vocabulary work and then a reading of Saint-Exupery's Le petit prince; watching and discussing some movies in French and about French culture; advanced grammar review; and a final project showcasing the student's knowledge that is a book about him/her.


    French V (12th grade)

    This elective puts a great emphasis on speaking French, while still encouraging development of reading, writing, and listening skills. Class participation is a very important aspect of the class, and students will be able to take part in discussions of various topics.They will also write about these ideas in a journal, especially during the first semester. The second semester will include the reading of Sartre's Huis clos, plus some instruction in French geography and culture. Movies will be viewed throughout the year, and grammar will be addressed as needed. This course will be helpful as a bridge into college-level courses next year.


    Beginning Spanish (Grades 9-12)

    This course will be offered (when my schedule allows) as an elective for high school students. It is meant to introduce students to Spanish, and teach them the basics of Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and culture.