• High School Chorus -

    In high school chorus we practice using all parts of our bodies to improve and strengthen our vocal output.  We sing a range of songs in a range of difficulty levels, and we will explore music theory, methods of making harmony, and how to pronounce foreign languages as we explore the expressive power of song. 

    8th grade general music -

    In general music at the eighth grade level, students explore and begin to master concepts and skills including rhythm-reading and performing, key and pitch identification, melody reading in treble and bass clef, harmony with arpeggiated and block chords.  The students do play chord progressions on both keyboards and guitars, and they learn to read complex rhythmic phrases in various forms on mostly tubano drums, blended in wiht a few other instruments rooted in the music of Brazil, Africa and Mexico.  In keyboard one goal is to learn to play the melody and harmony of one song with both hands at the same time.  This course is full of opportunities to develop a comprehensive tool box for future personal use, playing and singing and even transcribing or composing or improvising songs of the students' choosing.