2015/2016 Tech 7 Class with Water Bottle Rockets
  • Technology 7 meets Monday, Tueday, Thursday, and Friday for a half year.  Introduction to Technology is a course designed to help your student understand the concepts that underlie technological systems. Students will learn about the influence of technological systems on their total life style, including home, school, and the world of work. The course is a hands-on laboratory environment with a focus on project work, which is both individual and team oriented. The following topics will be covered during the Tech 7 year: Introduction to Technology, Resources Needed for Technology, How Technology Is Used to Solve Problems, Systems and Subsystems in Technology and the Effects of Technology on People and our Environment

2017/2018 Technology 7

  • Supply List

    • Single Subject notebook
    • #2 Pencil


    Grading Policy

    Overall grade is comprised of the following:

    • 50% Quarter 1
    • 50% Quarter 2

    Quarterly Grade Breakdown:

    • 20% Engineering Journal
    • 40% Class Participation
    • 40% Project 

    Engineering Journal Breakdown:

    The student will keep an Engineering Journal to jot down ideas, thoughts, facts learned, sketches of ideas and/or inventions, and reflections on the daily lesson. The journal will be collected and graded for content on a weekly basis.

    Class Participation Breakdown:

    The student will have a daily opportunity to self evaluate the following areas of interest:

    • Attendance
    • On time for class
    • Preparedness for class
    • Work ethic during class
    • Attitude toward assigned project and classmates
    • Attentiveness and participation during class
    • Cooperation with teacher

    Project Breakdown:

    • A rubric will be provided for each project at the start of the project. The rubric will clearly state how the project grade will be calculated and all expectations. Please note QUALITY, not QUANTITY is graded.