Outdoor Class

    Grade 3-6 STEM meets once a week for the full school year. The course is designed to introduce your student to the computer, computer programs and introduce the Engineering Design Cycle through hands-on projects. Students will learn proper typing skills using www.typing.com, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Internet Explorer. By the completion of the year, the goal for your student's typing skills is as follows:


    Grade 3: 15WPM, 85-100% accuracy

    Grade 4: 20WPM, 90-100% accuracy

    Grade 5: 25WPM, 90-100% accuracy

    Grade 6: 30WPM, 90-100% accuracy

Grade 3-6 STEM

  • Grade 3-6 STEM Grade is based on the following:


    Effort – Care and Pride in Work


    Team Work

    Creating and Participating

    Using Materials/Resources

    Keyboarding/Computer Application Skills