• reading

    Dear Parents and/or Guardians:


    Welcome to first grade! I am very excited about working with your child this school year!


    WCS thinks that reading is a very important part of a child’s education. Throughout the year in first grade I will be encouraging your child to read as much as possible. We will be working on reading skills during our reading time in class but we also need your help at home. I want the students to get excited about reading and to enjoy it!  Tonight I would like to begin the “I love to read” program in first grade. This program is designed to encourage your child to read each night at home. I am asking that you read to your child or your child reads to you for at least 15 minutes each night. After you read for 15 minutes please have your child color in 1 bookworm on the bookkeeper card. Please write the date and title of the book on the back of the card. After your child has colored in all 10 bookworms on the card you can sign it and return it to school. The card will be displayed in the classroom and your child will receive a special reward.  Let’s see how many books (and how long) the first grade class can read!!


    After your child has read a book or chapter please remember to discuss it with them. You can ask them about the characters, have them tell you what it made them think of, or just ask them to tell you their opinion on the story. This discussion is a very important piece of reading. You need to make sure that your child understood what they read. Many times children can read very fluently but they do not understand or comprehend any of it.


    This reading program is meant to be a fun and enjoyable way to get the first grade class excited about reading. You can choose to read any books that you may have at home, library books, or you may borrow books from the class. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this program. Happy Reading!!




    -Mrs. Welch