•  Here is what you can expect from Mrs. Loher’s class

    1. To work hard.

    • There will always be a warm up to review on the board when you come into class.  Warm ups, having your book, binder and pencil at the start of class are part your class participation grade.
    • Any homework will be collected at the beginning of class. Check the white board and website for homework and due dates. A student who fails to complete homework will serve detention the following day. One exception will be given every quarter.
    • Every week there will be a quiz, test and/or binder check.

    2. To have fun learning in small groups and individually.

    • At least once a week you will work with a lab group to complete a hand-on lab activity, create a poster, or design a model.
    •  Each individual student will hand in a lab report unless otherwise instructed. Your ability to work well with classmates and stay on task during project/lab time will be reflected in class participation and lab grade.

    3. To ask questions and have assistance from Mrs. Loher when needed.

    • I am available for extra help. Please see me to arrange time to meet if needed.
    • If a student misses class they are responsible for any missed work.


    Students can expect to  have 15 to 30 minutes of homework per night. If students miss more than one homework assignment per quarter they will be assigned detention. 5-10 points will be deducted from late assignments.


    Class Participation and Preparation (includes warm-up, binder checks, homework we go over in class, and attendance) - 20%

     Labs, Quizzes, and Homework- 40%

    Tests- 40%