• Mrs. Loher’s Science Class Rules

    1. Be Safe

    • Follow all lab directions carefully

    • Use all equipment as intended

    • No horseplay in the classroom

    2. Be Respectful

    • Listen while others are talking.

    • If you have a question raise your hand.

    • Speak kindly and be helpful to all.

    • Follow directions quickly. Do not waste you and your classmates’ time.

    • Don’t borrow things from the teacher or classmates without asking.

    3. Be Responsible

    • Complete all your work on time.

    • Use class time wisely.

    • Go to the bathroom, water fountain, and locker before class.

    •  Have your 3 ring science binder, book, and pencil ready and sharpened.

    • If you are absent:

    1. skip the warm up and check in with Mrs. Loher

    2. you are responsible for missed homework and notes

    3. missed quizzes, tests, or labs must be made up within a week

    4. Strive To Be Your Best

    I want you to be successful in my class. If you are having any difficulties please come see me during homeroom, lunch study, or after school.  Do not wait until an assignment is due or end of the marking period to ask for help.

    Please become familiar with class expectations for each individual course.