• Dear Families,
    After the hectic weeks of state testing, your fifth grader has been busy with field trips and hands on science activities to bring excitement back to learning! On May 3rd, students tested various substances added to baking soda to determine chemical reactions between matter. The best chemical reaction was between baking soda and white vinegar! On May 4th, Mr. Fiegl came in to show us how a circuit works based on energy flow and matter composition. He also showed us how to use a circuit to create an electromagnet.
    On May 17th, 5th and 6th grade joined Mrs. Loher's Applied Science class on a trip to the North Country Planetarium at SUNY Plattsburgh to learn about Astronomy. On Wednesday, 5th and 6th grade teamed up to explore science stations at the Environmental Field Day at the Essex Fairgrounds. Students were able to learn how tomato plants communicate with each other, the layers and composition of soil, a demonstration on horse training, forest conservation and safety, design a watershed model to prevent land erosion, and hold bearded lizards, geckos, and a tortoise. 
    Next week, the Eaglet band will perform their spring concert for residents at the Essex Home for Rehabilitation and Healthcare (formerly Horace Nye) and enjoy a picnic lunch at the Footbridge Park. 
    Students have also been working on independent book projects and are creating an Amazon book listing to "sell" us on their book. These will be displayed in the 5th grade hallway starting after Memorial Day weekend.  
    As you can see, we are busy learning! Encourage your child to share with you what they are learning - you may have some knowledge and experience with these topics that could make the content have a deeper impact. 
    Wishing you and your family all the best,
    Mrs. Frenyea 
     Forest Conservation and Safety Baking Soda Experiment Watershed Model                                                                  Soil Composition and Layering How Lungs Work Circuits