For students who are using the Common Application for their college search process, an official transcript request has already been completed through this online system to ensure academic records are sent to prospective schools in advance of any application deadlines.

    College Applications being sent directly to a campus not using the Common Application or through the SUNY common application will require a written request for a transcript to be sent.  Those requests should be provided to Ms. Cross-Baker as soon as possible and should include the information noted below.


    You may obtain an official copy of your transcript (academic record) once a written request has been received.

    Per FERPA law, phone and email requests are not acceptable as they do not include original signatures.

    In addition, once a student has turned 18, only the student can request copies of their records.

    Either a written letter or a scanned PDF document with your signature is acceptable.

    In your request, all of the following information is required:

    • Full Name as Student

    • Year of Graduation

    • Purpose of request (college, employment, military, etc.)

    • If part of a college application, please list the Application Deadline

    • Complete name of contact person and mailing address of where record(s) should be sent

    • Each request for records must also be signed and dated.

    • Your current legal name and your preferred phone number (This information is to assist us in case we have questions related to your request.)


    At this time, there is no charge for a copy of your transcript.

    Once your request has been received, please allow at least 5 business days for the request to be processed. If school is not in session (ex. Winter recess) or if your request is submitted between June 25 and September 5, it will take at least seven (7) business days for your request to be processed.

    Electronic requests (PDF) with signatures may be faxed to 518-962-4571

    Written requests may be mailed to:  Westport Central School ■ 25 Sisco Street ■ Westport, NY 12993

    Updated 10/2017