Field trip to Global Foundries
  • AP Computer Science Principles meets every day for a full year. Computer Science Principles is a course designed to prepare students who are new to computer science for the AP CS Principles exam. The course covers many topics including the Internet, Big Data and Privacy, and Programming and Algorithms.

2017/2018 Intro to Computer Science

  • Grading Policy:

    Overall grade is comprised of the following:

    • 50% Quarter 1
    • 50% Quarter 2

    Quarterly Grade Breakdown:

    • 40% Class Participation
    • 60% Test/Quizzes/Online Assessments

    Class Participation Breakdown:

    The student will have a daily opportunity to self-evaluate the following areas of interest:

    • Attendance
    • On time for class
    • Preparedness for class
      • Work ethic during class
      • Attitude toward assigned project and classmates
      • Attentiveness and participation during class
      • Cooperation with teacher