• Regents Exam Review Resources

    This list is a resource to help WCS students prepare for NYS Regents Exams.  Listed below is a compilation of resources that are easily found on the internet.  Ultimately, your classroom teacher remains your best resource for materials to prepare for the NYS Regents Exams.


    SchoolTool - United States        http://schooltool.us/regents2.html

    The MOST Regents Review resources available online and in ONE Site.  Practice questions, past exams, video tutorials and more to help you prepare!


    PBS Learning Media:  Regents Review 2.0  https://ny.pbslearningmedia.org/collection/rr10/#.WvCrsO8vzcs

    Take advantage of this collection of resources to help you prepare for upcoming NYS Regents exams  Extensive video links and tutorials included.

    NYS Education Department:  PAST Regents Exams         http://www.nysedregents.org/

    Check this link to see what old Regents exam tests actually looked like.  Use these questions to help you review and prepare for upcoming exams in June.


    Yonkers Public Schools Regents Review


    This site is a collection of resources to help you review content related to NYS Regents exams.  It includes video review lessons, “crash course” resources and much more.


    PBS Online Review Classes


    Beginning May 22, 2018, public television stations across NYS will offer one-hour review lessons to students in a variety of subject areas related to NYS Regents Exams.  Dates and times for subjects are listed at this site.