Soar With Excellence

Scott J. Osborne, Superintendent of Schools

Serving the Westport Central School District community as the successor Superintendent of Schools is an honor and privilege.  I have valued a close working relationship with Westport Central since 2007 in my capacities of Principal and Superintendent of neighboring Elizabethtown-Lewis CSD. I’m therefore aware of the strong commitment to excellence and pride that’s alive at Westport CSD.
I accept the responsibility and authority as your new Chief School Officer and I embrace the challenge to lead Westport Central School while concurrently maintaining the same duties at Elizabethtown-Lewis CSD.  
Public education faces unprecedented times: updated, more rigorous curricula and an unchartered emphasis on test scores to determine teacher and principal effectiveness. A ‘cap’ limit on local tax levies, yet continued increases in unfunded mandates from Albany – and there are more challenges that I could articulate here, but essentially: in every challenge there’s opportunity for growth.
Westport Central’s resolve has been (and will be) tested by current conditions, but we will only be able to navigate this ‘new normal’ of public education together. Our work ahead will be difficult at times, and we’ll be called upon to respond to new challenges – my role is to focus our vision, align our resources, and utilize our talents to advance our collective vision and mission.
There’s no ‘Westport’ without ‘WE’! The students of WCS don’t deserve any less of us.
I understand that my presence at Westport Central School represents change, but I encourage us all to view this change as an opportunity to:
  • work collaboratively;
  • communicate effectively, and;
  • contribute meaningfully to the continuous growth and development of our students.
I’m planning a full-day schedule at Westport Central on Tuesday, Sept. 6th for your Opening Day and Back- to-School Night.  
I look forward to engaging with you in the new year!