• Nonresident Student Attendance at Westport Central School

    The Board of Education affirms its primary responsibility to educate children who are residents of the District and who are of legal age to attend school. However, Westport Central School has established a nonresident student attendance policy which, upon application, student who don't live within the geographic boundaries of Westport Central School may attend WCS.

    Non-resident families who wish to enroll children in the Westport School District shall submit a request in writing to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will review such requests and make recommendations regarding non-resident student admission to the Board of Education. The Board of Education will have final authority to approve or deny such requests.  The nonresident student tuition rate at Westport Central School is $907.50 for the 2016-17 school year.
    For more information on applying for nonresident enrollment at Westport Central School, contact the District Clerk at 962-8244.  Use the links to the left of this page to view District Policy 7132 which outlines Nonresident Enrollment; you can also view the Nonresident Student Application.