• Town of Westport New York

    The location of Westport New York on Lake Champlain and its close proximity to the Adirondack high country and the Green Mountains of Vermont create a regional setting of outstanding beauty, a striking image of a Town close to nature. This regional setting is part of a vast landscape system stretching along a north-south axis from Montreal to Albany, consisting of the 136 miles of Lake Champlain and the lake valley, the Northway Interstate I-87, and the Amtrak rail line.

    The center of Westport New York is just four miles east of the Westport Exit 31. Westport is also accessible via the Crown Point Bridge and the Essex- Charlotte Ferry-- both twelve miles from the center of Town. The edges of this long valley are formed by the two mountain ranges. The Town of Westport New York is one of the settlement nodes along this landscape and is located where the Champlain shoreline at Northwest Bay, the Northway and the Amtrak station converge to within five miles of one another.