• Westport Central School Mission Statement 

    The mission of the Westport Central School community is to nurture our children's natural curiosity and wonder so that the love of learning continues throughout their lives. We will stress academic achievement while encouraging the development of the total person through social, physical and creative experiences.


    Our goal is to inspire our students to be caring and contributing members of society.


    Westport Central School Vision Statement 

    We believe that all children learn at different rates and should be able to grow in all areas with continuous progress.

    To enable each learner to develop according to his/her individual potential and to acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed for successful lifelong experiences.

    To develop lifelong learners, students who will be able to think for themselves, make wise decisions be responsible and dependable, self-directed, and able to do research and manage time effectively.

    To create an atmosphere that is warm and caring, cooperative, motivating, active, successful, full of hands-on experiences, fair and consistent, therefore promoting success for each individual according to his/her own potential.