Welcome to Mrs. Bubbins' Second Grade!

  • Greetings!
         I am Mrs. Bubbins and I will be your second grade teacher at BVCSD on the Lake View Campus (in Westport). I am very excited to get to know you and to work with you this year!
         This year, you will earn Smart Tokens by doing your work, following classroom and school rules, by being safe, organized, respectful and responsible. With Tokens, you can buy many fun and interesting things at the "Bubbins Bazaar"!
         There is no homework in 2nd grade, unless you choose not to do your classwork at school. You will owe Smart Tokens if your work is not done. 
         Every day, please remember to bring healthy snacks to school. There will be a morning and an afternoon break for snack, and it is not provided.
          Our classroom Instagram account will be available all year so that your family can see what happens in second grade. Simply download the Instagram app, search for our page (bvcsdlakeviewgr2) and leave me a message so that I know it's your family. So much happens throughout our year! Classroom and school messages are posted to Instagram as well. Your families can message me there too. 
           Come to school well-rested and ready to work. I will see you in September!
    Mrs. Bubbins
Mrs. Lynn Bubbins