Darcy Hudson - Special Education 5-12

  •  WELCOME  
    During Resource room, I want to help your child have success in their classes. 
    My wish is for them to achieve their goals. 

    This year students will be focusing on their individualized goals with learning standards to improve their academic progress.  Students will be practicing academic skills in the resource room, correlating with their IEP goals.  There will be some pre-teaching of concepts, and some review of core content areas for test preparation.  As far as it is possible we will be using your child’s core content textbooks for reading instruction if they have a reading goal on their IEP. Writing instruction will also be using English assignments and some history themes for practice. 

Mrs. Darcy Hudson

    My contact information is:
    To text: 518-416-4022
    To e-mail:  hudsond@westportcs.org.  
    I understand sometimes a telephone call is needed for understanding to take place. 
    My telephone number at school is 962-8244,EXT. 200 and at home 962-8993. 
    *Please talk on the answer machine at home  leaving your number and I will get back to you ASAP.