Mrs. Amy Nelson - Elementary Music/Vocal Music

  • Hello!  Bonjour!  Guten Tag!  I moved to Essex County from Madison, Wisconsin in the Fall of 2015 after having taught there for 20 years in public schools.  I'm thrilled to be here!  At home I sing opera and teach piano lessons!  I also garden, hike, write, draw, and enjoy movies and theater like so many of you! I am passionate about the environment and education of all kinds for all ages.  I can be seen here or there on stilts or painting faces to bring wonder and whimsy to the world.  
    Here at Westport Central I teach kindergarten through eighth grade general music and kindergarten through twelfth grade choral music, with special choral ensembles for middle and high school levels, along with lessons appropriate to curriculum and events.   My working philosophy:  Your whole body is your whole instrument, and one practice informs another, so we use movements, instruments (mostly percussion, piano keyboard and some recorder), voices, eyes and ears as we build skills in reading and writing music via a vast array of musical styles and languages.  We have two concerts per year for each grade level and ensemble, so we're always project AND outcome based, and we welcome feedback as we grow and develop the choral program. I am only part-time, but check out my schedule and let's stay in touch! 
Mrs. Amy Nelson